FRIENDS AND RELATIVES OCCAISIONALLY recomend movies appropriarte for Christian audiences. Tragically, there are fewer and fewer movies like this. Here are some that we have watched in recent weeks. They are not only appropriate for Christian audiences, but also have significant moral themes.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is the movie portrayal of a novel by the same name. It is the true story of Judith Kemper and her Jewish family learning what it will cost prominent Jews when Hitler comes to power in 1933. Judith’s father, Max Kemper, a popular movie and play critic, had been especially critical of the Nazis as they were attempting to gain power. When Hitler gained control of the Reickstadt he immediately pursued Max and other Jews like him. The movie chronicles their escape and Hitler’s pursuit. The author is a child at the time of the movie, telling the story from her perspective, but it is an adult story. Given the recent rise of antisemitism, this movie is an important reminder.

Unfinished Sky is a powerful 2007 Australian movie about sex-traficking. A beat up and terrorized Afgan woman stumbles into the homestead of a widowed Australian sheep rancher. She is almost dead. He tenderly cares for her and gradually brings her back to life only to discover that she is fleeing corrupt, evil people in the local town. This is a tender romance carrying a weighty message about the horrors of sex traficking. Amazingly there is no sex in the movie. There is some partial nudity, but it is not in a sexual context. Highly reccomend this movie for High School age and up.

Unsung Hero is a 2024 movie telling the true story of the Smallbone family, of whom Rebecca St. James is the oldest daughter. Due to their sappy messages and poor quality, I generally don’t like Christian movies. But this was an exception. In 1991 the Smallbone family exchanged a prosperous life in Australia for poverty and estrangement in Nashville, TN. The movie is a strong statement about family and family solidarity culminating in the breakout career of Rebecca St. James (a stage name) and her two brothers who later form the popular group, King and Country.

Wild Mountain Thyme is a 2020 Irish romantic comedy. Starring Emily Blunt, this movie is the quircky love story of a life long relationship between the occupants of two neighboring Irish farms. They secretly love each other, but his odd behavior and bashfulness keeps them from getting together. This is a squeaky clean story about the redemptive nature of a woman’s love for a man who is incomplete without her. I absolutely loved it. Judy didn’t feel as strongly. Would love to get your opinion.

Last, Judy and I watched Sweet Land about a year ago, and it is one of my all time favorites. Sweet Land is the 2005 adaptation of the novel A Gravestone Made of Wheat. It tells the story of a German mail order bride who travels to Minnesota to marry her unknown, bashful Lutheran fiance right after WWI. There is still tremendous prejudice against Germany and Germans. The movie is about how this couple falls in love, overcomes the prejudice of local farmers, and build a life together on the plains of Minnesota. It is illustrated the power of a female helpmate, and how she completes what is lacking in her man.

As far as I know all of these movies are availble on Amazon Prime. Enjoy. Would love your comments.