THE INSANITY OF GOD is a unique title for a book written by a man who is convinced that God is completely sane. However, it is a book that I highly recommend.

Written by Nik Ripken (a pseudonym), this book chronicles the  experience of a Kentucky evangelical who has given his life to mission work. Working with a relief agency in Somalia in very depressing circumstances, (Think the movie Black Hawk Down), the author became deeply discouraged by the lack of converts. He is haunted by this question: does God still do gospel work in circumstances hostile to the gospel? The balance of the book relates a series of interviews that the author conducted to answer that question.

The interviews relate the miraculous activity of God saving and preserving Christians in Moslem cultures, behind the iron curtain, and in the fiery furnace of Chinese Communist opposition, etc. The author relates one miraculous story after another. He consistently informs the reader of this one burning conviction: the miracles and supernatural activity common in the pages of the New Testament are being repeated throughout the world today. Despite the suffering of the saints, the church can thrive in exceedingly hostile environments.

Because of the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision (gay marriage), most evangelicals are anxious. We can feel which way the cultural winds are blowing, and they are against us. For those tempted to fear, this book is a tremendous encouragement. It convinces the reader ¬†that, despite spiritual opposition, we can be more than conquerors through him that loves us.