According to Douglas Schuuran, professor at St. Olaf’s College, the American family is in trouble. In his book Vocation, on pages 104-05, he cites the following disturbing figures. “For children ages six to twelve, between one in three and one in five girls, and one in eleven boys, are victims of child sexual abuse. Forty-four percent of the women surveyed report either sexual assault, rape, or violent rape. There is no statistical difference for children living in ‘Christian’ homes. Increasingly feminists are becoming more concerned about children and maternal/paternal functions. After divorce, on average, the living standard for ex-wives drops by thirty percent while that of ex-husbands improves by eight percent; two-thirds of African American babies were born to single mothers; one-fourth of children under age 18 have little or no contact with their fathers; forty-one percent of divorced men walk away from their families without a child support agreement.”

These dismal statistics are the byproduct of several factors. Most prominenet are the “sexual revolution” of the sixties, the burgeoning welfare system, and the collapse of moral absolutes. There is only one solution, and it is not more state intervention. It is the proclamation of the gospel leading to the salvation of millions of individuals. No nation can stand long with the family in this state of dissarray. God have mercy on America!