Marriage in Paradise

Is your marriage hurting? Do you experience constant conflict? Maybe your relationship is in the doldrums, or you would like to improve an already happy marriage? Marriage in Paradise will help you move your marriage closer to the “paradise” God originally intended.

“This book isn’t a theoretical approach to marriage; rather it contains the practical wisdom of almost a half-century of learning and living God’s design for the union of a man and woman. I cannot imagine any marriage that wouldn’t benefit from this book.”
Donald S. Whitney …Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Praying the Bible, and Family Worship.

William P. Farley

Author and church planter. In March of 2018 William retired from pastoring the church he planted in Spokane, WA in 2002. He continues to write, speak at conferences and encourage church planters wherever he finds them. He and his wife, Judy, have five children and twenty two grandchildren.

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Do you sometimes struggle with depression, discouragement, or despondency? Then you need to discover The Secret of Spiritual Joy.

“Oh, what biblical wisdom is contained in this brief book…Reading this book has given me greater earnestness to pursue the path of joy Farley has here mapped so skillfully. May God be pleased to use it to do the same for innumerable other Christian pilgrims.”

Bruce A. Ware, author; Chairman, Department of ChristianTheology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Do you listen to your self or preach to yourself? Fruitful Christians increasingly preach the gospel to them self, and this book shows the reader how to do this on a daily basis.

“I have a simple rule with books by William Farley: If he writes it, I read it…In Hidden in the Gospel he teaches why you ought to preach the gospel to yourself every day. Even better, he models how to do it.”
Tim Challies, Blogger at

Humility is the one essential virtue that God looks for. But, there is a problem: pride convinces us that we are humble when we are not. Discover why Gospel-Powered Humility was one of World Magazine’s recommended books of the year.

“William Farley’s Gospel-Powered Humility (P&R, 2011) offers a gospel-centered description of the term-‘the capacity to see myself in God’s light, in the context of his holiness and my sinfulness’-and suggests that ‘humility is a prerequisite for conversion.’”
Marvin Olasky, Editor, World Magazine

Do disrespectful, uncontrolled children anger you at home, or embarrass you in public? Discover how the application of biblical discipline makes both parenting fun and children happy and secure.

Many books offer parenting advice, some conflicting, some confusing, and others too difficult to apply. Discover why the application of the gospel is the key to successful Christian parenting, and why it produces enduring fruit.

“Gospel-Powered Parenting is a wise, enduring prescription for parenting because it is joyously biblical and comes from a pastor-theologian who has done it as his family wonderfully attests.”

R. Kent Hughes, Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

Discover why the cross of Christ is the center of the Christian life, and how it affects every facet of Christian life and experience.

“Farley has given us a beautiful book that ‘lifts high the cross’ and thus imparts mercy and grace for the Christian life. Outrageous Mercy is a book to read and reread.”

R. Kent Hughes, senior pastor emeritus of College Church, Wheaton

William Farley's Gospel-Powered Humility (P&R, 2011) offers a gospel-centered description of the term-‘the capacity to see myself in God's light, in the context of his holiness and my sinfulness’ and suggests that ‘humility is a prerequisite for conversion.

– Marvin Olasky
Editor, World Magazine


This small gem of a book provides a joyous gospel feast that begins with our election in Christ before the foundation of the world and ends with Christ’s new creation. No small thoughts here! This is the recipe for big expansive and ever-expanding hearts.

– R. Kent Hughes

Senior Pastor
Emeritus, College Church Wheaton


This book is going into the family ministry curriculum at Southern Seminary.

– Timothy Paul Jones

Assoc. Professor of Leadership & Church Ministry,
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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