I just finished Girls Uncovered by two gynecologists, McIlhaney and Bush. The book is an expose of the deady effect of the sexual revolution on girls and women. They repetively make the point that “sexual immorality is sexist.” By that they mean it damages the female sex much more than the male sex.

The bottom line is that the sexual revolution has freed men and enslaved women. Here are some quotes.

“When it comes to the negative consequences of sexual activity, girls easily get the worst of it. Most of the cancer from HPV [human papiloma virus] occurs in women, and all of the long-term effects of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), such as infertility and pelvic pain, occur in women. When a boy gets a girl pregnant, he doesn’t carry the baby for nine months—she does. And she is usually the one who takes care of the baby once it is born. Girls also seem to suffer more depression than boys do after sexual relationships are broken.”[1]
“In a study that controlled other factors, researchers found that sexually active girls are three times as likely to report being depressed as virgins…In a different study, sexually active boys were found to be twice as likely to be depressed as their friends who were virgins. Even more startling and sad was the finding that sexually active girls were three times as likely to have attempted suicide as their virgin counterparts. The sexually active boys, however, were eight times as likely to have attempted suicide as their virgin friends.”[1]
Here is a great book for fathers and mothers who want to prepare their daughters for puberty and beyond.
I highly reccomend.

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