THIS WEEK MARKS a turning point in our national history. The Supreme Court will hear arguments to answer the question “Does the constitution guarantee Americans in all fifty states the right to same sex marriage?” It is crucial that we turn to God in prayer and confession. We should confess our national sins of materialism, godlessness, and idolatry, and we should lift holy hands in prayer for the future of America, GCF, and our families (1 Tim 2:1-7). Confession matters because Romans 1:18-27 informs us that the widespread acceptance of homosexual behavior is God’s judgment. He is judging the idolatry of self-worship, in other words, we love the “creature” more than the “Creator.” This means that our national problems are spiritual. They are not political. If the root problem is spiritual, the solution is also spiritual. It is a national return to God through repentance and faith in the gospel. Therefore, pray, pray, pray!

Since we are on this subject, here is a gracious, winsome blog by Kevin DeYoung explaining why the legitimization of homosexual marriage is bad for any culture. DeYoung defuses the fog of confusion that currently surrounds this subject.