A FEW WEEKS BACK I was privileged to tour the British Museum in London. As many jokingly know half of ancient Egypt is on display there.  I came across this quote on a plaque. It was written by Pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BC. Many scholars believe that he was the Pharaoh that drove Moses out of Egypt. It was a prayer to his own statue. The arrogance and self-absorption is quite remarkable. As I read it I couldn’t help but think that, but for the grace of God, this would be both myself and everyone reading this.

“O image of mine, may you endure for the sake of my name, that everyone may love you, that people may stretch out their arms to me, bearing rich bouquets. May there be given to you libations and incense from the leftovers of your Lord (Osiris), when my spirit come speedily, that he may receive food offerings with you…O statue of mine you are before the Lords of the Sacred Territory (The gods of the Abydos necropolis). May you be a memorial for my name in the house of the lords of Tawer. You are here for me as a shelter. You are my true form.”[1] 

Those of us who are Christians should pray that God will keep us humble, that in his mercy we would enable us to daily subdue the sin of pride which so quickly and frequently erupts. 

[1]A prayer by Ramses II (13th century  BC) to his image on a limestone tablet.