A few days ago I posted on “Family and the Call of God.” I emphasized that we must leave family in order to really love God. I used Abraham as an example.

But it is also true that God commands us to love our families. The fifth commandment reads, “Honor your father and your mother” (Ex. 20:12), and Paul tells husbands to “love their wives as Christ loves his church” (Eph. 5:25). So, what should we to do, leave our families or love them?

The answer is both. These seemingly irreconcilable commandments culminate and synthesize in the commandment to love God above all other things, especially family. In other words if we love our family members because we love God, if that is truly our motive, then we will leave them in our hearts and love them at the same time. In fact, we will love them more. We will love them because it pleases God, not because we need their relationship. Our love will be disinterested. It will always be for the good of the beloved, not for selfish reasons.

Does this describe how you love your family members? As always your thoughtful responses are welcomed.