AFTER MY RECENT REVIEW of Tim Keller’s book on marriage some of you asked me to suggest books on marriage that fill in the gaps left by Keller. I recently finished God, Marriage, and Family, rebuilding the biblical foundation” by Andreas Kostenberger, and I heartily recommend it.

The subject of book is broader than marriage. It is a virtual compendium of biblical information on a wide range of subjects that touch on the family. It contains chapters on marriage, parenting, fertility issues, the place and purpose of the single life, abortion, adoption, and divorce, etc.. It is a useful reference for the family bookshelf.

The author approaches most subjects from the perspective of Biblical Theology. In other words, he traces the progression of that chapters subject matter from Genesis to Revelation. The first four chapters discuss marriage. Chapters 5-8 discuss the family.

Kostenberger is careful to stay within biblical limits. He does not add rules, but he is also loathe to skip over controversial issues. Put this book in your family library and reference it often.

Another helpful book on marriage is Christopher Ash’ Married For God, making your marriage the best it can be.”  Ash labors to unravel modern idolatrous attitudes toward marriage. In his view marriage is the joining of husband and wife to accomplish a mission for the glory of God.

Ash asks why God created us in two sexes and joined us in marriage? He gives three answers. 1st Children, God wants us to be fruitful and fill the earth with progeny for his glory. This means that children are not optional.  2nd Faithfulness. God wants us to display his faithfulness through adherence to our covenant vows. This is especially important in the sexual area. We should neither expect too much or too little from marital sex. And 3rd, Order. God wants us to imitate and glorify the headship submission patterns inherent in the Trinity. By doing so, husband and wife also display the fruit of the gospel, the marriage of Christ to his bride, the church.

Married For God will be especially helpful for those preparing for marriage.

I recommend both books. They will help you navigate the shoals of the married life.