Joseph’s Dream

Psalm 105:19 says “The word of the Lord tested [Joseph].” What does the Psalmist mean? In what way did the Word of God test Joseph?

At age 18 Joseph had two dreams. He saw his brothers and his parents bowing down to him. Then trouble came. Joseph shared the dream with his brothers. They became jealous and sold him to Ishmaelite traders who sold him to an Egyptian Lord, Potiphar. Joseph was now a slave. More abuse followed, and Joseph ended up a in an Egyptian dungeon. All of the while the Word of God was “testing” him.

The “word of God” was the dreams given to Joseph in his youth. Would he cling by faith to the hope communicated to him by God, or would he give into his miserable circumstances? Over twenty years passed. Eventually, God exalted Joseph to Pharaoh’s right hand. His long-forgotten brothers came looking for food. Not recognizing Joseph, but acknowledging his authority, the dream came to fulfillment. They bowed down to him. They acknowledged his Lordship.

In the same way, the word of God will test you and I. What has God promised? He makes his promises knowing every detail of our future. As with Joseph, no event happens by accident. Sometimes decades pass. We go through storms and problems that test our confidence in God’s Word. But, if God has spoken to us, his word will eventually come to pass. In the meantime, the word of God, his promise, is testing us. Will we be faithful? Will we trust God? Will we cling to his promises?

Let’s ask God for faith to do so.