LAST WEEK JUDY AND I drove around the Hutton neighborhood on the South Hill to show our grandkids the house their father grew up in. As we drove, we saw yard signs proclaiming the values of the progressive left. Interestingly, we saw no yard signs advertising the Conservative position. Why? It’s not because conservatives don’t live there. Rather, I think there are at least two reasons.

First, Conservatives are afraid that they will be vandalized and persecuted. I find it interesting that Progressives don’t seem to be worried about this. They aren’t for good reason, and that leads me to my second reason.

People on the right are conservatives. They don’t want to burn our political house down. They want to conserve what is good, useful, and beautiful. Therefore, they do not pursue or encourage rioting, pillaging, hate speech, cancel culture, etc. Conservatives are too modest to stick the finger of an obnoxious yard sign in their neighbor’s eye. They want peace, not war.

I conclude that Conservatives also need yards signs, but they would say something like this.


This Is What We Saw On the South Hill
  • That unless all lives matter, black lives don’t matter.
  • That all human life, from conception to natural death, is sacred.
  • That the United States is the least racist nation in history.
  • That the US constitution is the best political system yet devised by man.
  • That a just government owes all men and women equal opportunity but not equal outcomes.
  • That because human rights are given by God, not the government, government cannot take them away.
  • That political and economic freedoms are worth dying for.
  • That “defund the police” is essentially racist, as it will greatly harm the inner cities.
  • That capitalism has provided more prosperity and freedom for more people than any other economic system.
  • That the nuclear family is foundational to all human freedom and flourishing.
  • That LGBTQ behavior has dire consequences—for both this life and the life to come.
  • That God made only two immutable sexes—male and female.
  • That Climate Change has become a national religion.
  • That fossil fuels are currently essential for human prosperity.
  • That people are always more important than the environment.
  • That men and women are equal in value and dignity, but have different roles in church and family.
  • That marriage is a lifetime covenant between a biological male and biological female.
  • That government should not spend more than it takes in.
  • That Identity Politics are a form of social suicide.
  • That Cancel Culture, not disagreement, is the only true hate crime.
  • That love should never be a euphemism for lust.

I would love to get your thoughts.