The movie, the Hobbit, is currently in the theaters. All of this brings to mind a great little book entitled, J.R.R. Tolkien, the Man Behind the Hobbit. This book is a collection of short essays on Tolkien, the man, his thought, his marriage, and his career. Although Roman Catholic you will be amazed at how deeply his Christian worldview permeated all of his writings. In this book you will learn about his youth and upbringing, his courtship and marriage to the love of his life, his deep and abiding friendship with C.S. Lewis, how he influenced Lewis’ conversion to Christianity, his abhorrence of the fame that his books eventually brought, and his firm insistence that  his books never be made into movies. (Isn’t that interesting?) I found it a delightful read. It gave me an entirely new appreciation for Tolkien’s literary works. You can buy a copy for your Kindle at, or you can buy a hard paper copy there as well.