“There was also an inscription over him, “This is the King of the Jews” (Luke 23:38). This text is a picture of true spiritual authority.

Pilate and the Sanhedrin exercised authority in typical, worldly fashion. They used their authority to advance themselves, protect themselves, and empower themselves. In other words, they used others to enrich themselves. In both cases Jesus was a threat to their popularity or power. The expedient course of action was to liquidate him. It was not to serve him.

By contrast, Jesus showed us what God’s authority looks like. It is counter cultural, counterintuitive. Jesus used his authority to enrich others at his expense. The placard over his head announced his crime. He claimed to be king of the Jews. Here is the irony. He is and was King of the Jews. In fact, he is and was King of the Universe. He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He has been given all power and authority. But, how did he use his authority? He allowed others to crucify him for their advancement. He allowed  his enemies to torture him to death that he might secure their forgiveness. This included some of those performing the dastardly deed.

Husbands, here are our marching orders. This is how a godly husband/father exercises his authority. He spends himself for the advancement and welfare of his wife and children. Spiritual leaders, here are our marching orders. This is what true spiritual authority looks like. Those who lead in business and politics, here are your marching orders. On the Day of Final Judgment all of those to whom God has given authority will give an accounting to this standard.

Let us use our authority like Christ, for the advancement and welfare of others!