I recently listened to a talk by David Montgomery, the Senior Pastor at Sojourners church in Louisville, KY. In a talk he gave at the 2011 Plant Conference he said the following.

“Over 1400 protestant ministers leave their position each month. Over 70% of pastors do not have someone whom they consider a close friend. 25% of pastors experience a forced resignation from the ministry and half of those never return to the ministry. Half of the pastors marriages end in divorce. 70% of pastors continually battle depression. 80% of pastors and 85% of their spouses feel discouraged in their roles. 80% of seminary grads will never enter into full time ministry. 50% of pastors would leave ministry if they could. 40% of pastors have had an extramarital affair since entering ministry. 80% of pastors wives feel their husbands are overworked. 80% of pastors feel they were inadequately prepared for the ministry. 70% of pastors only read the Bible to prepare for sermons.”