IDENTIFYING EVIDENCES of grace in those close to you is a useful  exercise, and one that I hope  you practice. Our proud hearts think we deserve good from God. But the cross shows us what we deserve––crucifixion. Because the proud person is not aware of this they expect good treatment from their family members, and they are disappointed when they don’t get it.  All they are aware of are the sins and failings of their spouse, children, or parents and how they are not getting what they deserve.

     By contrast, humble people know what they deserve. They know that hell is a place of total social isolation. They know they deserve hell. They know they don’t deserve family. They don’t deserve friends. They certainly don’t deserve to be part of a loving church. As a result they are amazed by the good relationships God has graciously given them. They search their close relationships for virtues, successes, and triumphs so that they can be amazed by them. Then they express gratitude for these expressions of grace verbally. The humble cultivate this discipline. In fact, it is a crucial exercise for those who want to grow in humility. 
Are you searching for and communicating evidences of grace to those you love? Blessed are those who do so.