SUMMER IS A GREAT TIME for reading. I don’t know about your church, but our small groups end, and life slows down. It is a good time to put down TV remote, and stash your smart phone in the closet. Grow yourself with some solid brain food. Here are some suggestions.

History: Revival and Revivalism by Ian Murray (one of my all-time favorites), or the new biography of C.S. Lewis by Alistair McGrath. Both are great reads. Each takes you to another time and place and expands both your spiritual and historical horizons. For those interested in secular history I thoroughly enjoyed 1776 by David McCullough. 
Testimony: Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber. A Canadian atheist goes to Oxford and accidentally finds Christ. Elegantly written by one who finished graduate work at Oxford in English literature. This book is a combination of great prose and solid spiritual food. Another testimony is that of Nik Ripken. He describes the suffering that is impelling the world-wide growth of Christianity in his book The Insanity of God, a major faith builder.

Theology: For those needing reasons to believe A Shot of Faith to the Head by philosophy professor, Mitch Stokes is a worthwhile read. For Chrristians wanting to deepen their relationship with Christ I include Eyes Wide Open by Steve DeWitt. Last, for those who need to know a bigger God, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND God’s Greater Glory by my dear friend, Dr. Bruce Ware of Southern Seminary. For me Dr. Ware’s book was a game changer.

FictionCall of the Wild or White Fang by Jack London. These would be great books to read aloud as a family together. Also perfect for any boy age ten to seventy five.