As any avid reader will testify, there are books and then there are books. Some contain information but little else. Others lift us into the very presence of God exerting a gravitational pull on our thought life, bringing us back to key ideas for days, sometimes weeks, and in small cases even years. For these I search, sifting through the many to find one of these rare pearls.

I think this is what Ian Murray had in mind when he wrote, “The best Christian literature is not written for the mind and intellect alone; it appeals also to the heart, the conscience, and the will. A good book does something to us, something that God put first in the spirit of the author. A book should not simply convey knowledge; it should uplift us, it should make us want to pray, and we should rise from it with an ambition to live nearer to Christ and to serve  him better. Books of lasting value are books that feed the soul, and there is a ‘taste’ about them that lives on from one generation to another.”[1]

Have you encountered a book like this lately? If so, please respond with a few of your favorites. It would be a blessing to myself and anyone else reading this blog.  

[1] Murray, Iain, Banner of Truth Magazine, Issue 487, pg 5