Christ’s complaint to the church of Ephesus was that they had lost their first love. Each of us, every day, are in danger of falling into this trap. I am constantly tempted and seduced by alluring idols to give them the attention and affection that only Christ deserves. Corey O’Gorman serves up some good medicine for those of us in this situation.

“Since Christ is best, and there are no close seconds, thirds, etc. Jesus would bid anyone who wants to follow him to come and die. There is no ‘middle kingdom’. There is no neutral Switzerland in the Lamb’s war against the dragon. You are either with him or you are against him. You are either dead to this world and alive to Christ, or dead altogether. Allegiance to Christ is inconvenient in the selfish sense, because you are no longer ‘lord’ over your life. Not that you really were before, but now you are willingly submitting to his Lordship. He dictates how life is to be lived. On the other hand, for those who follow Christ, who count the cost, who by grace persevere through trials, there is an eternal treasure! That treasure is none other than Christ. You don’t just get a generic reward, you get the reward giver himself.” – Corey O’Gorman

The single-mindedness that O’Gorman describes accrues to those who mind the cross and focus on the gospel. God’s immense love is the engine that tears us away from our idols.