When termites eat at the foundation of a house it is not readily apparent. The damage is often not visible. The problem becomes visible when something shakes the building the foundation gives way, and the structure collapses.

In the same way, sexual morality is essential. The family is the moral foundation of civilized society, and the family is as strong as the sexual morality upon which it rests. However, the termites of relativism are chewing on that foundation. Consider the following.

The goal of the sexual revolution of the sixties was to separate sexuality from marriage. The revolution was successful. However, that was not enough. It was soon followed by the demand for homosexual rights, an attempt to separate sex from its natural object, the opposite gender.

The last 10-15 years have produced even further deterioration. Dr. Leonard Sax, Dr Mark Regnerus and others report how American teens are now even separating the act of sex from relationship. Young men “hook up” with women. They may not even know each other. It doesn’t matter. Its not about relationship. It is about sexual expression, or sexual pleasure. In many cases, the young men are reluctant to kiss because kissing implies affection. “There has been a profound shift in the culture of high-school dating and sex, with no strings ‘hooking-up’ replacing dating,” writes Dr. Leonard Sax. “‘Kids don’t date nowadays,’ agrees physician and bioethicist Leon Kass. ‘Traditional dating is dead,’ concurs journalist and author Barbara Dafoe Whitehead.’”[1] Dating and relationship have been replaced with “hook ups,” and for many young adults relationships just gets in the way.

Of course, in all of this the female is the loser. She wants relationship, but isn’t getting it. The male also loses. He needs relationship, and in the long run, he doesn’t get it either. As a result the institution of marriage is unraveling. For the first time in U.S. history, recent surveys show that the percentage of unmarried households now exceed the percent married.

The foundation is getting increasingly weak.

The gospel is the solution. However, for the gospel to be a solution its sexual ethic must be incarnated in local churches. Fruits of the gospel are male servant leadership, lasting marriages, a stay at home mom caring for her well-disciplined children, and sexual purity. The gospel connects sex with relationship. It turns our sexual desires toward the opposite gender. It tells us that the natural venue of sex is marriage.

This is a social  foundation that cannot be shaken. Lets build it together.

[1] Dr. Leonard Sax, Why Gender Matters, (New York: Broadway Books, 2005) pg 120