Men Afraid of Marriage
Gen 2:15 reads, “It is not good that man should be alone.” I don’t think God was exaggerating. In his seminal book Men and Marriage, George Gilder sums up the sociological findings on the state of single men.
“Single men earn about the same thing as single women…[Single men] are 30% more likely to be unemployed…Married men earn 70% more than singles of either sex…Single college graduates earn about the same thing as married high school graduates…It could be more important for an ambitious young man to get married than to go to college…Single men between 25 and 65 are 30% more likely than married men or single women to be depressed… and almost twice as likely to show ‘severe neurotic symptoms. ’They are almost three times as prone to nervous breakdowns. They can’t sleep (three times more insomnia), and if they do sleep, they are three times more likely to have nightmares…Between the ages of fifty and fifty-nine, an astonishing total of 46.1 percent of all single men in the Manhattan survey suffered ‘mental health impairment.’”…Bachelors are twenty two times more likely than married men to be committed for mental disease…Of all groups single men have the highest mortality rate—and suicide is increasingly the way they die…Divorced men of every age group between thirty-five and sixty-four have a mortality rate three and a third times as high as divorced women.”
If all of this is true, maybe we should ask Kevin DeYoung’s question, “Dude, where is your bride?”