OUR WORLD and all of life, despite its besmirching by sin, is a world of great beauty. In Jonathan Edwards on 

Edwards on Beauty

Beauty, Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney have provided a wonderful resource for the non-technical reader, one not familiar with Edwards or technical theology.

Each chapter  quotes Edwards sermons or theological treatises on various subjects. They are “The Beauty of God,” “The Beauty of Creation,” the “Beauty of Christ,” the “Beauty of the Church,” and the “Beauty of the Trintarian Afterlife.” Then the authors provide connecting paragraphs explaining Edwards’ approach to these subject and how he saw the beauty of God reflected through them in all of life. The end point is that all of life is about God and his beauty.

This would be a great study for small groups in our church. The chapters are short, but bristle with God-glorifying content. This book will equip you to see the beauty of God in all of life 24X7.

I recommend highly.