IT IS OFTEN SAID that “seeing is believing.” That is because “seeing” evil is more powerful than just hearing about it. It mitigates our capacity to be captured by the world’s “philosophy and empty deceit” (Col. 2:8). Seeing a crime causes it to build a nest in our conscience. For example, this iconic nineteen sixties photo of an Alabama policeman, holding back an aggressive German Shepherd, lunging at a frightened black teen, massively moved public opinion against racism in the South. In the same way, the best way to turn public opinion against abortion is to let people see what really happens. Let the nation see it in a fifteen minute segment on Sixty Minutes.

1960s Photo

Although that’s unlikely to happen, something similar is airing right now at your local theater. Rated R, the movie Unplanned is a close up and intimate look at what really happens at your local abortion clinic. It is the true story of how Abby Johnson, the youngest director of a Planned Parenthood Clinic in the United States, resigned from Planned Parenthood and took up the pro-life cause.

After climbing the corporate ladder at Planned Parenthood, and winning site director of the year, a physician asks Johnson to help with an abortion. Although the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, like most Americans, she has never actually seen an abortion performed. The Doctor asks her to hold the ultrasound wand on a patient’s stomach so that he can see the baby as he suctions it out piece by piece. The baby struggles. It tries to evade the suction instrument, but to no avail. The physician wins, and the viewer watches in horror as the baby is vacuumed out one piece at a time.

Many Christian films are sentimental scripts with B-grade acting and substandard cinematography (Gosnell would be an exception). We are embarrassed that God’s people can’t do better. Although we have some of that in this movie, we also have a story compelling enough and shocking enough to make this film a must see. Ashley Bratcher’s portrayal of Abby Johnson is believable and at times gut wrenching. You will be tempted to turn away or at least gasp. It’s raw, it’s disgusting, it’s tragic, but it’s what’s happening down the street from where you live.

Not surprisingly, this film has encountered major media resistance. Not one TV network (FOX excepted) would air advertising for this film. Nevertheless, it is doing well at the box office. My wife I saw it on a Wednesday night at 6:30 and the theater was mostly full.

“On the heels of the film’s massive success at the box office in its opening weekend — racking up a higher cumulative per-screen revenue than big-budget SJW-approved “Captain Marvel” — the Twitter account for the film surpassed Planned Parenthood’s follower count.”

Daily Wire April 2, 2019

Everyone needs to see this movie. It is sobering. It is depressing. It is enlightening, but above all it is an honest look at reality, and we all need that. It’s the next best thing to an expose of abortion on Sixty Minutes.