JUNE IS NOW PRIDE MONTH, celebrating the alphabet mafia’s hegemony over Western Culture. Ironically, they boast about the very sin most apt to be the cause their eternal misery—pride. Pride is their sin. They have named June appropriately, but they think pride is a virtue rather than a great evil.

How does their “pride” get expressed? They set themselves up as God. Here is the principle. Whoever makes the rules or laws is God. These people have invented sexual rules and laws that reject God’s and have established their own. It pains me terribly to write this, but unless they repent, their suffering will be eternal and horrible.

Why is this the case? God hates pride, which is why our forefathers refused to celebrate it. Instead, they celebrated humility, self-effacement, and confessed that God, not themselves, was God. They didn’t create their own sexual rules. They submitted to God’s rules. The rainbow symbolized God’s covenant mercy, not their rebellious arrogance. With Christians this has always been the case, especially since the Reformation.

Edward Payson (1783-1827) graduated from Harvard and pastored a church in Portland Maine. He was one of his generation’s most effective and well-known preachers. Here is how he would have responded to “Pride Month.”

How foolish, how absurd, how ruinous, how blindly destructive of its own object, does pride appear! By attempting to soar, it only plunges itself in the mire; and, while endeavoring to erect for itself a throne, it undermines the ground on which it stands, and digs its own grave. 

It plunged Satan from heaven into hell; it banished our first parents from paradise, and it will, in a similar manner, ruin all, who indulge it. It keeps us in ignorance of God, shuts us out from his favor, prevents us from resembling Him, deprives us, in this world, of all the honor and happiness, which communion with Him would confer; and in the next, unless previously hated, repented of, and renounced, will bar forever against us the door of heaven, and close upon us the gates of hell. 

O, then, my friends beware, above all things, beware of pride. Beware, lest you indulge it imperceptibly; for it is, perhaps, of all sins, the most secret, subtle, and insinuating. That you may detect it, remember, that he only, who seeks after God in his appointed way, is humble; and that all who neglect thus to seek him, are most certainly proud in heart, and, consequently, an abomination unto the Lord.

Works, Vol. 3

The great Puritan, Thomas Brooks, speaking for the seventeenth-century Puritans wrote—

Pride sets itself against the honor, being, and sovereignty of God. Other sins strike at the word of God, the people of God, and the creatures of God–but pride strikes directly at the very being of God. He bears a special hatred against pride. It was pride which turned angels into devils. They would be above others in heaven–and therefore God cast them down to hell. Pride is a sin which of all sins, makes a person most like Satan. Pride is Satan’s disease. Pride is so base a disease, that God had rather see His dearest children to be buffeted by Satan, than that in pride they should be like Satan. Humility makes a man like to angels–and pride makes an angel a devil. Pride is worse than the devil, for the devil cannot hurt you until pride has possessed you. If you would see the devil portrayed to the life –look upon a proud soul; for as face answers to face, so does a proud soul answer to Satan. Proud souls are Satan’s apes, and none imitate him to the life like these. And oh that they were sensible of it, before it is too late, before the door of darkness be shut upon them! “Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.’ Prov. 16:5

Thomas Brooks, The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

So, how should we respond to Pride Month? Our hearts should be broken for the members of the alphabet mafia. Seeing this sin as God sees it, we should earnestly pray for their conversion. Above all, we must carefully watch ourselves lest we too be carried away with this horrible sin and share their eternal judgment.