The Man Christ Jesus, Dr. Bruce Ware.
If you are like me you have noticed the exhortations in scripture to be led by the Holy Spirit. For example, “Those

who are led by the Spirit of God are Sons of God” (Rom. 8:14). But, the big question is this: what does it mean to be led by the Spirit of God? What does being “led by the Spirit” look like when the shoe leather of Christian experience contacts the pavement of life?

The Man Christ Jesus answer this question by helping us look at the humanity of Jesus Christ. Dr. Ware argues that Jesus did not live a sinless life and do mighty miracles because he was God, although he was. All of this he accomplished in the power of the Spirit. As the ideal man and the Second Adam he was the only man who has ever lived who was perfectly led by God’s Spirit, and Christ is our model. Ware devotes chapters to Christ’s wisdom, his temptations, his suffering, his death and his coming reign in glory. In each case Dr. Ware shows us how Jesus needed to be led by the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s plan for his life.
In the same way we need to be led, empowered, and protected by God’s Spirit. Watching Christ is instructive, and this book will help you do that. It is short, only 150 pages, and the prose is readable. I recommend.