JUDY AND I JUST WATCHED THE MOVIE, Nefarious on Amazon Prime. The cost was $4.99, and it was money well spent.

I don’t normally like Christian movies. They are usually cheesy, sophomoric, and poorly done. But this was different. The script, acting, and cinematography were first class.

It is the fictional account of Edward Wayne Brady, on Oklahoma’s death row for multiple murders. He is scheduled for execution that night at 11:00 PM.

Before he can be executed, however, he must be pronounced sane. For this reason, the State sends Dr. James Martin to evaluate Brady. Martin typifies the modern psychiatrist. He is a well-educated, secular atheist who has bought into philosophical materialism. His only reality is what can be detected with his five senses. There is no spiritual world.

As Dr. Martin begins to interview Brady, however, a demon speaks out of the latter declaring himself to be Lord Nefarious. He has possession of Brady. He doesn’t care if his host dies because he, as a demon, is immortal. He mocks Martin’s atheistic materialism, and tells the psychiatrist that before this day is over he will be responsible for the murder of three people.

Martin talking to Brady

The best thing about this movie is the dialogue between Lord Nefarious and the naive psychiatrist. The script, written by Chuck Konzelman, is a materpiece. The acting is superb. At one point the psychiatrist admits that he knows little about theology. Nefarious answers that he knows more theology than the world’s greatest theologian. Then to prove it, as the dialogue unfolds, Nefarious describes the eternal world, the reality of spiritual warfare, Creation, the Fall, the Bible, and the cross from a diabolical perspective.

Does Brady get executed? Is the psychiatrist converted? Does Martin actually kill three people? You’ll need to watch it to find out.

Judy and I were especially convinced by this movie, as we have personally participated in deliverance sessions, and this movie dramatizes exactly what we have personally witnessed.

Everyone I know that’s seen it was deeply affected and still talking about it. Don’t let the “critics” negative reviews stop you from seeing this extremely potent film. I see it still holds a 96% audience score on R.T. Audience nailed it as winner, I suspect that most “critics” were simply made uncomfortable with its clear message.

A Reviewer

The only disappointment was the epilogue. If you have watched this movie, I would love to get your take on the ending.

My other reserve is age appropriateness. Probably wouldn’t share it with anyone under 14. I would use it as a teaching moment with older children. Watch it together then read and discuss Isaiah 14, Ephesians 6:10ff, Revelation 9, and Matthew 8:28-34. This movie can become an excellent discussion starter.