BERNIE SANDERS AND other politicians on the left have noticed the growing disparity in income between the rich and the poor. They blame it on capitalistic greed, but greed is not the problem. Fatherlessness is the problem.  and the solution is moral and spiritual, not a massive transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor. 

Roughly forty percent of live births in America are to women without husbands. In the inner cities the ratio is much higher. This single fact explains most of the poverty and social pathologies that follow. We could eliminate poverty in America if we would just do one thing: get dads to marry, and stay married to, the mothers of their children. 

However, political correctness is at war with this fact. Why? Because the sexual revolution and Gender Feminism are directly responsible for the large number of fatherless children. And in our culture these ideologies are “untouchable.” Social critic, Kay Hymowitz, lays out the problem and the astounding resistance from those who should know better. 

Seventy percent of black children are still born to unmarried mothers. After all that ghetto dwellers have been through, why are so many people still unwilling to call this the calamity it is? Both NOW and the National Association of Social Workers continue to see marriage as a potential source of female oppression. The Children’s Defense Fund still won’t touch the subject… Seriously complicating the issue is the push for gay marriage, which dismissed the formula “children growing up with their own married parents” as a form of discrimination… In opinion polls, a substantial majority of young people say that having a child outside of marriage is okay—though, judging from their behavior, they seem to mean that it’s okay, not for them, but for other people. Middle- and upper-middle-class Americans act as if they know that marriage provides a structure that protects children’s development. If only they were willing to admit it to their fellow citizens.”[1]

There is the problem. Our culture justifies and glamorizes fatherless parenting, even though all the evidence indicates that it is the root cause of our inner-city poverty, crime, and academic failure. The solution is the gospel. Only the gospel cuts through all of the red tape produced by  the strongholds of political correctness.  The gospel encourages sex after marriage, not before. The gospel motivates male responsibility maturity. It motivates moms and dads to marry and stay married.  

Our inner cities need the moral and spiritual transformation in men that only the gospel can produce. 

[1]Kay Hymowitz, “The Black Family; 40 Years of Lies,” City Journal, Summer 2005,